Who We Are

Connecting knowledge & experience; skill & practice

At TDG we believe that the core focus of traffic engineering and transportation planning is people. How we all work, play, live, travel & interconnect relies on traffic and transport networks. Whether we are walking, driving, riding, scootering or travelling by public transport we must use a transport corridor of some description. 

At the foundation of our business is a simple equation:

  • Infrastructure + Activity = Transportation

Since Peter & Bev established this business in 1976 our job has been to make the interplay of these elements positive, effective and efficient. 

To do that we need amazing people. These people bring specialist knowledge, skills and expertise together to offer intelligent, innovative and practical solutions to everyday issues. Whether it's how to get the cars in and out of the supermarket carpark, or the safest way for the visually impaired to negotiate a footpath, our people have experience, knowledge, contacts and understanding. 

We have a flat company structure, governed by a Board, Exec & Senior Leadership team. To find out more about the people who work for our business both in NZ and Australia, use the links on the right. 

Or click here to view our Corporate Profile.

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