Master & Structure Planning

Structure (or Area) Plans provide an over-arching perspective on the development of a larger region or area, such as a suburb or township. They are non-statutory but usually taken into consideration for District Plan or other changes. 

Master Plans are designed to create an integrated development, and are often prepared by developers for multi-staged developments of large areas, or by Councils, for example for redevelopment of commercial areas. They don't usually have any level of regulatory status. 

The process we go through identifies the underlying qualities and / or constraints of the site and then use this information to develop a proposal that will create a high quality, liveable environment. Both Master and Structure Plans require input from Urban designers, architects, planners, traffic engineers and surveyors. 

Master Planning is a process of identifying and evaluating the underlying qualities and constraints of a site and using this information to develop a proposal which creates a high quality environment and can be readily implemented. It is a multi-disciplinary process, with input from urban designers, landscape architects, planners, traffic engineers, engineers and surveyors. 

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