Traffic Signals & SCATS

Traffic Signal controlled intersections are evolving to meet the needs of our changing transport environment. Intersections are larger, phasing arrangements often more complex, and the needs of pedestrians, cyclists and public transport are now often integrated into both the on-road layout and the signal operation, in new and innovative ways.

Signalised intersections no longer operate in isolation, but are controlled by a master computer, running the SCATS system, utilising real time data to optimise the signals timing at an individual intersection while also maintaining coordination with other intersections along specified corridors.

TDG’s specialists bring experience to:

  • Costing and setting up a SCATS system for your signalised network.
  • Maintaining and monitoring a SCATs network.
  • Optimising and auditing corridor and network operation.
  • Modelling of signalised intersections and networks.
  • Concept through to detailed design of traffic signal sites.
  • Design review and safety auditing.