Wellington Inner City Bypass

TDG’s involvement in the development of Wellington’s Inner City Bypass spans some 22 years, beginning with early evaluations of a motorway extension.

While the form of the design has changed from what was originally planned, the objective remained to enhance the CBD by relocating through traffic further away, and providing a convenient route for traffic from the eastern and southern suburbs, including the airport and the hospital, to travel north of the city.

TDG modelled the various design options, presented evidence at the numerous hearings for the project, and undertook analysis for the final funding application, including specific research into induced travel.  TDG also completed road safety audits at various stages through the project, including the final finished product.

TDG continue to be involved in other forthcoming improvements to this urban component of State Highway One, including for the Terrace Tunnel, the Basin Reserve, the Mt Victoria Tunnel and the introduction of ATMS.

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