The Camden-Wollondilly Transportation Model

The neighbouring councils of Camden and Wollondilly are located in the southwest of Sydney, NSW and have a combined resident population of over 100,000.  Significant future growth in the Sydney southwest will mean that the population in these councils will swell to over 280,000 in the next 20 years.  The councils expect that this level of growth will result in major congestion and network deficiency issues if improvement measures are not implemented. Changes in development in either council impacts significantly on the other and as Camden also provides a gateway to major access roads to Greater Sydney, a significant level of through traffic is present at all times of the day. 

Both councils have been clients of TDG for over a decade and each commissioned TDG to develop a transportation model covering both council areas suitable for assessing the traffic impacts of this growth and any expected network upgrade projects in the area as a whole. It was also recognised that the model needed to take into account two major current and future interactions with development at the second Sydney Airport and with the adjacent City of Campbelltown. 

The model developed for Camden and Wollondilly incorporated Campbelltown into the detailed model coverage and areas further north of Liverpool, Fairfield and Blacktown into a skeletal strategic road network.

The current base model is based on 2016 land use, future year projection models incorporate the latest New South Wales Bureau of Statistics and Analytics projections for 2026 and 2036 and the morning peak models also includes a parking assessment module. The model has already been used by TDG, on behalf of the councils, to undertake several corridor studies and strategic housing development assessments.

As the model has been set up to be as flexible as possible, future changes to the model are expected to include changing it from a vehicle only model to include multiple modes of travel, increased detailed modelling in the Campbelltown area and expanding the parking module to include parking within other areas. The +10 years of technical assistance to both councils demonstrates the Client’s confidence in TDG’s ability to manage large and complex modelling projects.

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