Papamoa East Modena

This project involved a new town providing for the living, working and recreational needs for up to 12,500 people.  It required a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the interaction of local street networks, pedestrian, cyclist and public transport networks and developed sustainable new town living, working and play environments based on a bottom up approach to accessibility.

Transport planning for the area included the integration of community facilities such as schools, with a new transect of urban residential and retail forms.  Streets were designed for sustainable mobility first.  Walking and cycling networks both on and off street were integrated with the significant cultural elements in the environment.

TDG provided the lead transportation design advice at both the strategic planning and local street detailing levels.  The overall project was scoped out through a week long Charette process involving representations from all sectors of the social, cultural, infrastructure, utility, community, planning and environmental spectrum.  Assessment and modelling of the transportation network planning effects of the proposed Plan Change, specification of new roading designations, including analysis and concept design of a major new grade separated interchange with the proposed Tauranga Eastern Motorway (to service the New Town), and the preparation and presentation of expert evidence at hearings were services directed and provided by TDG.

papamoa modena3papamoa modena1

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