Kilbirnie Transport Planning

The Kilbirnie area of Wellington about three kilometres southeast of the Wellington CBD, includes the Wellington airport precinct and Rongotai Town Centre. Kilbirnie has many traffic generators (such as commercial, industrial and recreational activities) and its strategic location between the CBD and the airport means that transportation is a key issue for the area. This includes the strategic state highway vehicle and freight links, numerous public transport services including bus links from the wider area and the airport, and local activities within the town centre and recreational areas.

TDG established a microsimulation transportation model (Kilbirnie Area model) using S-Paramics for of the complete Kilbirnie area. Microsimulation models are flexible; they enable assessment of roading improvements, intersection upgrades, and include detailed public transport elements such as bus dwell time and stop capacity. The Kilbirnie Area model has been used for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Land-use transportation impact and development assessment
  • Wellington Airport transport planning considerations
  • Intersection and roading upgrade option testing.

Recently, TDG completed an assessment of Public Transport hub design options in the Rongotai Town Centre area. This involved applying the model to investigate bus stop design options, pedestrian routes, and the potential impacts on the town centre and adjacent intersections.

The model has been an effective tool in evaluating transport design options, assisting in transport planning studies, and informing various assessments within the region. In particular, outputs from the modelling analysis enabled informed recommendations on potential design alterations and improvements to the public transport interchange layouts in the recent Rongotai PT study.

Wellington Airport pic2Wellington Airport pic1KirbirneKilbirnie Section of Microsimulation ModelKilbirnie Bus Depot

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