Geometric Design: Hastings Home HQ

Hastings Home HQ is a new Large Format Retail (‘LFR”) development that occupies the former Nelson Park site. This park had previously held athletic, rugby union and league sporting events, had a covered seated grandstand and supporting ancillary infrastructure. The land was purchased in 2008 by Charter Hall (an Australian land development company) who was granted resource consent in 2009 to establish a $50 million LFR development.

Since assisting Hastings District Council with the preparation of their Plan Change (enabling LFR activities to be established at the site), TDG has provided specialist advice to Charter Hall, including the preparation of a transportation assessment report and, more recently, detailed designs for the various traffic mitigation measures required to manage the planned activities. Our role has therefore involved the design of a new signalised intersection and two new roundabouts at three of the five accessways to the site.

For the roundabouts (commissioned as a separate project), our technical inputs have included the delivery of the following professional services:

  • Public consultation
  • Pavement and services investigations
  • Storm water design
  • Street light design
  • Roundabout detailed design, construction drawings and tender documents
  • Full tender process (inviting tenderers, evaluation and awarding)
  • Construction management/Site supervision
  • Stage 3 and 4 Road Safety Audits.

Images 1 and 2 illustrate our designs for the two new roundabouts, as provided during the public consultation phase of our commission, whilst Images 3 to 5 illustrate construction progress at the two intersections.

This project provides a useful example of how TDG is able to take a project from its initial planning through to final construction, while also drawing upon the expertise and skills available across all of our offices.

For further information on this project please contact Richard Gruiters (Principal Design Enginner) based in our Napier office.

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