Berakas Signalised Roundabout

Brunei, the only sovereign state in the island of Boreno, is a small but wealthy economy dominated by the production of oil and gas. With the rise of private car ownership in Brunei the state Road Department has worked with TDG to investigate measures to relieve traffic congestion.

Extensive local development has led to undesirable levels of congestion on the Berakas roundabout in the Bandar area of Brunei. Reducing traffic congestion is a key concern to the Road Department as the roundabout facilitates nationally significant routes to the International Airport and adjacent motorways.

The focus for TDG was to evaluate the best use of traffic signals to reduce congestion and to investigate more extensive, longer-term, roading solutions to get the strategic movement of traffic through the road network.

The technical assistance provided by TDG in traffic signal modelling, intersection design and signal control strategy has resulted in the successful on-street implementation of this work. The installation of traffic signals at this roundabout was the first of its kind in Brunei.

Due to the significant improvement of the on-street roundabout performance, TDG continues to work with the Road Department to evaluate other network improvement schemes.

Signal Implementation Photo 2Signal Implementation Photo 1modelscreenshotSignalised Roundabout DesignLinsig model

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