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One of our TDG team members has been featured in an article in the revamped Engineering NZ magazine, E.G.

Chun-Lin Lee, one of our Project Transportation Engineers based in our Auckland office, describes a day in her life to the E.g. team. This is a great insight into the life of a transportation engineer, working in one of New Zealand's busiest transport hubs. Thanks Chun-Lin for the great profile! 

Chun-Lin Lee - Project Transportation Engineer

6.45am Wake up, get ready & drive to the office 
7:30am My work day starts – a little earlier than usual today because I need to pick up a colleague from the airport.  Check emails and pick up plans and PPE for our site visit. 
8:00am Pick up Doug, our public transport specialist, who’s up from Wellington for the day.  We’re working together on a study to determine an appropriate location for a new rail station in a future urban growth area in Auckland. 
9:00am  We arrive on-site to see what we’re working with.  We’re surrounded by fields so need to imagine what the environment will be like when it’s developed with a new town centre, residential, commercial and education areas.  We get a much better sense of scale being on-site than working from plans, aerials and streetview.  We take photos and discuss some of the key issues before heading back to the office. 
11:30am    Arrive back at the office and have an early lunch because I skipped breakfast this morning.  Oops!
12:00pm    Complete last week’s timesheet and sort out some invoicing for our accounts team. 
1:00pm     I have a bit of time before a meeting, so get onto coding up an intersection in the traffic modelling software Aimsun.  Once complete, the model will tell us how many houses can be built in a certain development area before the existing roundabout needs to be upgraded to increase capacity and reduce delays. 
2:00pmDoug and I have a meeting with Auckland Transport (AT), KiwiRail and representatives of the major landowners in the aforementioned future urban growth area.  We present the rail study methodology and assessment criteria, and everyone has a chance to ask questions and provide feedback.  This is a milestone in the project timeline as we need to ensure that the key stakeholders have been consulted and are comfortable with our process at the start of the study. 
4:15pmBack in the office we debrief from the meeting and clarify our next steps.  We received enough feedback during the meeting for us to progress with some certainty, while awaiting formal feedback. 
5:45pm   Time to call it a day and hit a pilates class!










Posted on 07/12/2017 by Diana Glenie

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